Will a Wasp Nest Die Out if Left Untreated

Is it possible to leave a wasps nest and let it die out over time?

Yes, a wasps nest will die out by itself, as the wasps themselves begin to die as winter approaches.

Queen wasps create their nest by chewing wood and mixing it with their saliva to create a paper mache type of material. The nests are then maintained by worker drone wasps, while the queen continues to grow the colony. Once the queens have produced enough, the nest begins to die off and won’t be re-used by other wasp colonies.

The queen wasps will hibernate through winter, and sometimes a nest can produce 100 new queens during the summer. The queens will emerge the following year and the process of building a new nest begins.

Whether you should remove the wasp nest or not depends on its location and whether how bothersome they are to you and others in the surrounding area.

As autumn approaches, wasps become more aggressive as they have completed their task of maintaining the nest, and feeding grubs. The worker drone wasps then begin feeding on rotting fruit, making them drunk which causes erratic behaviour.

Although they mostly enjoy feeding on flies, caterpillars, and other insects, they cause a lot of damage to fruit crops. They also disturb many people who enjoy outdoor gatherings with BBQs or picnics where sweet, sugary foods are aplenty.

If you decide it’s time to remove the nest and decrease the population of wasps in your area, contact an expert pest controller.

It’s best to avoid using DIY methods as this can provoke the wasps to attack and sting you and other people. Our experts use protective gear and a powerful insecticide that’s toxic to insects, such as wasps, bees, and ants, but non-toxic to mammals.

A technician has the skills and knowledge to safely and effectively remove the nest once and for all.