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Based in Lanarkshire, we offer Domestic Wasp Control and Wasp Removal services throughout Central Scotland

When wasps make their nest around your home it can be a real nuisance, and the many wasps that live in the nest can be dangerous too. A once pleasurable garden to sit in can become intolerable with a wasp nest close by, and they can also cause damage to any untreated woodwork, such as garden furniture and sheds.

Every year a small number of people die from Anaphylactic Shock caused by wasp stings, but even if you don't suffer from this extreme reaction, their stings can still be very painful. Wasp begin to build their nests around April when the weather gets warmer, and their numbers reach their peak around August to September.

Sometimes wasp nest remain completely undetected for a while, but eventually the large volume of worker wasps coming and going will give away the presence of a nest. Keep an eye out for small holes or cracks in the eaves of the house and if you see any wasps going in our coming our it's likely they have made a nest inside.

Seeking professional help to deal with the wasps is the best advice and with Zest Wasp Removal the wasps can be removed quickly and cost-effectively

Our pest control professionals are fully qualified in the control of wasps and the treatment of them to ensure that they do not return.

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