What To Do If You Get Stung By A Wasp

Wasp stings are painful, quite common, and can become infected, or cause complications which lead to you seeking medical advice.

One way to prevent wasp stings is to eliminate the problem by using a pest control company. If you are unfortunate enough to get stung by a wasp though, take action straight away.

Symptoms of wasp stings

In most cases a sting will cause swelling, there will be general soreness around the affected area, it will become red, and as well as sore it will start to itch. The pain and the swelling is caused by the venom being injected through the skin, this is usually an act of aggression by the wasps or bee.

First look for symptoms of wasp stings which include:

  • Sharp pain
  • Red mark on the skin
  • Swelling around the affected area
  • Itchiness
  • If you are stung be a bee instead of a wasp, the stinger, and its sac might still be sticking out of the skin. Try to scrape this out gently using a blunt-edged object. Don’t use your fingers because this could spread the venom and cause further problems.

Do this if you get stung by a wasp

Being stung by a wasp is an unpleasant experience but in most cases the effects are mild to moderate pain which should be fairly bearable.

To treat the area, try cleaning the site of the sting with mild soap and little warm water, afterwards you could place a cold compress on the affected area, a flannel briefly submerged under the cold water tap is ideal.

The area will start to sting and could also be itchy. Try to avoid scratching where possible to prevent any infection spreading. If you find the pain is too much, take over-the-counter pain relief like paracetamol which will ease the discomfort until the swelling reduces.

Sting Summary

  • Clean area with soap water
  • Use a cold compress
  • Don’t scratch
  • Take painkillers

Watch out for unexpected side effects

In most cases a wasps sting causes brief pain, swelling and mild discomfort. Some people have allergic reactions to insect stings though and this could necessitate medical assistance. Complications are rare but they can be serious, so if you have unexpected side effects, dial 999, ask for ambulance, and tell the operator you have been stung by a wasp and are experiencing an allergic reaction.

Seek help straight away if you experience any of the following

  • Dizziness or feel you are going to faint
  • Racing heart
  • Find it hard to breathe
  • Sickness or diarrhoea
  • Have trouble swallowing
  • Feel confused, anxious or agitated